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Scope of Practice

  • Since 1985, my law practice has been limited to handling appeals and writ petitions in civil cases. I have acted as lead appellate counsel in appeals in all six California state district appellate courts, as well as in the California Supreme Court. I also have briefed and argued cases in the federal Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. I do not handle criminal appeals. Nor do I litigate or try cases in the trial courts.
  • About 75 percent of my appeals have involved business litigation. About 25 percent of my appeals have involved marital dissolution proceedings. I occasionally handle an appeal in a probate matter.
  • My business litigation appeals have covered a wide variety of issues, including issues related to attorneys’ fees awards, banking, business contracts, business torts, civil procedure, commercial leases and options, consumer protection, construction, contempt of court, corporate dissolutions, defamation, discovery disputes, employment relationships, environmental law compliance, insurance, land use, pension plans, product defects, real property transactions, tax, trade secret misappropriation, trusts, unfair competition, and wills.
  • My family law appeals usually involve property characterization or division issues. I would pursue a spousal support or child support issue on appeal, if appropriate. I generally decline to take an appeal involving only a child custody issue.
  • I occasionally assist trial counsel with preparing papers in support of post-trial motions, such as a motion for new trial, a motion for judgment notwithstanding the verdict, or a motion to vacate the judgment after a bench trial. I recommend that a client pursue such post-trial motions only if there is a reasonable chance that the motions may succeed or if it is necessary to bring the motions to set the table for the appeal.
  • As a sole practitioner, I perform all of the legal services that my firm has been asked to render.